Thursday, 19 July 2007

Different cultures

How do I treat people from different cultures?
I treat them the same as everybody as because they maybe uncomfortable living in a new area and moving to a different contry so I think even if you aren't the same culture still treat people the same way. And don't talk behind there backs only if it's something nice about them.

How are people from different cultures the same?
Because you may look different but in the inside you are the same and you may have different weaknesses but inside you have the same. I think you are all the same but maybe you look different and act different but you are still the same.

How can we make new people feel welcomed?
You could welcome them by inviting them round and meeting them and getting to know them Show them round the school teach them how to do things they can't do and encourage them.

What might I have done that makes people feel different?
I might of taken them out to the movies and had a sleep over. And became very good friends when people maybe had teased them and called them names. And not treated them nicely so then I help her feel happier. And more welcomed

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