Thursday, 19 July 2007

Questions about cultures

How do i treat people from different cultures?
I think i treat people from different cultures quite nicely I just never have huge relationships with them. I play with them if they are in my class or if i know them. I don't say things behind there backs unless I am saying something nice. I don't be mean to them i don't bully them. I like to have fun with people.

How are people from different cultures the same?
We really are the same apart from sometimes it is hard to understand people. We have the same feeling. Some people just look different like have black hair or have darker skin, do things differently. Apart from that we are basically the same.

How can we make new people feel welcome?
Don't ignore them when they first arrive. Make them feel welcome talk to them even have a conversation. Don't let them feel unwelcome.

What might I (have) done that makes people feel different? I may of said like that is really weird what you are eating. That made them feel uncomfortable.

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