Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Key Competency Reflection

I think I am flexible because I take in everyones ideas to make a bigger idea.
I think I am a creator because I love to create new things and create stories an example of this is when Bertie and I created a story about a boy who was taken to an island an held captive..
I think I am a Responsible risk taker because I like to take risks and try new things but I make sure they are safe and responsible first, an example of this is when I decided to do the highest abseiling wall because I new it was safe and I was trying something new.
I think I am passionate because if I get into something I like I keep practising or trying new ways to do it.
I think I am positive because I always try to look on the bright side even if something bad happens like when I have to go to swimming lessons (which I don't like) I just think that it will be another whole week before I have to go again.
I think I am self responsible because because I don't do anything without checking that I am allowed and I don't let anyone do anything that they are not allowed to do.
Transfer ideas because I can get two ideas and transfer them to make a better idea.
Respects because I respect others and there ideas and i try and use everyones ideas.
Relates to others because I understand what other people are thinking and I relate to their ideas.
Considers because I consider everyones ideas.

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