Monday, 26 November 2007

Judging how your CREATE has made a difference

How will you know your CREATE has made a difference?

Think of three or four aspects your group could use to help judge whether or not your create has made a difference.

Record your ideas as comments to this post.

When thinking of 'making a difference', think about these aspects:

  1. A 'create' may just be encouraging others to change their behaviour.
  2. It could involve you making something to be shared.
  3. It could make a difference to your learning, or a larger group's learning (ie. our class, your family, the school, a business, your local community, etc.).


sporte said...

Because we will see how many views we have had and how long they have been viewing for.
Our Polls asking if this information has helped you to consider to make a difference.

We will thoroughly check our info and make sure it is top standard. We will only put the posts that will get maximum results and help people make a difference.

LC KLC said...

Elsie, Penny & Anna

1.In the script we ask anna and penny (the scientists) would you like to say anything so when we ask that we they can give out ideas on how we can make a difference.
2.We could have a note on the desk the hole time so people can read it and we will have it saying some ideas how they can help and make a difference.
3.If We put it on blogger we could write some ideas underneath the movie and they could leave comments .

nickey said...

Nicky and Emma create will make a difference because are power point shows what will happen and what we can do to stop Global warming happening

And people will start making a difference and things will start changing.

Christie =) said...

You Tube Create Plan- How is it going to make a difference.

- its making a difference for the world telling them what they can do.
- you will see people because on you tube it shows the viewing
- It Also hasnt just changed its changed us because we know what we our going to change ourselves

Gu said...

We think that to make people want to watch is:

Make it funny but give out the message at the same time

Don’t do it in school uniform

Choose your audience carefully and stick to it because you don’t want to
Make it something for a three year old to watch because what difference will it make if your giving it to a age group were there are more important things at the time.

If you want to make it appealing, then you should make it quality not quantity

Sheldon said...

Alvin and sheldons ideas

1.Puting it on a popular webpage and getting a lot of views on your Imovie and you hve to make it interesting and make them read on and watch on.

2.Maybe instead of showing pictures we could maybe deminstraight it.

3.we can look at the coments to see if we have made a difference in Global warming.

matt said... can make a difference by sharing and getting advice

2.Our behavior in filming will help with the quality and with better quality and the more chance we have to convey our movie and information


matt said...

Here is our third idea

3.being organized you must be organized to get good filming progress.

nickey said...

Nicky and Emma
How will you know your create has made a difference? It will make a difference because everyone would of started reacting to this helping and things will start changing and people will start helping stop global warming.
People will start doing what we have asked them to do and will ask Nicky and Emma what we can also do to help.
1. People will bike walk scooter and walk more instead of using the car motorbike boat......
2. Our create will have all our imformation will be told clearly and the people we share it and they will understand what we shared.
3. We have a clear introduction and we have got people to ask questions if they need it. And the introduction has hoocked people in to are question.
4. We have put some humour into are podcast so the watchers don't get bored and enjoy it
Nicky and Emma

JuJu said...

My groups create plan will be good because it is funny but is serious as well. We will be putting it on youtube and on the school website and they are both popular websites.

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