Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Elise, Penny And Christie's Maths Game

What you will need:
One whole deci pipe
10 tenths of a deci pipe
10 hundredths of a deci pipe
One bead chain


1. Player 1 gives player 2 some deci pipes including at least 1 tenth, 1 hundredth and 1 thousandth to make a three place decimal

2. Player 2 uses the pipes that player 1 gave them and puts them on the whole pipe and shows player one what the decimal number is on the number fan.Remember to explain why. eg: 0.537 because there is 5 tenths on the deci pipe so you put the 5 straight after the point. There are 3 hundredths on the pipe so I put the 3 in the hundredths column. There are 7 thousandths on the pipe so the 7 goes in the thousandths column.

3. Using the beads player 2 shows the decimal number. Remember the beads will not show the thousandths. Take away the thousandths from the number. Eg. .256 will turn into .25.

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