Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Senior Leavers Event 20 December - 90 kids

  • Paint ball.(its fun, Helps you get fit, lots of people can play at once, you play on teams)(You get hurt, Costs lots of money)
  • Obstacle course ''the Beast''(lots of people can do it)
  • Camp at Spencer park (not practical)
  • Go bowling
  • Disco (not happening)
  • The rocks(You can get lots of people)(you don't get to long)
  • Go karting (lots of people can go)cost:$15.00 Time:30 min of 15 min
  • Qe2 hydroslides(no limit to time or people )(won't get many turns because of so many people)
  • Movies(You can book the whole theatre )(you just sit in front of a screen, not enough seats,)
  • adrenalen forest (fun, four hours)
  • Orientaring and stuff like that
  • Bbq
  • Own fear factor
  • mountian biking(Everybody can do it) (Accidents)
  • Antarctic centre (not practical)
  • Ice scating(at least 2 hours)(It is cold some people don't like ice scating, accidents)
  • Beach party

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