Monday, 19 November 2007

Inquiry Sharing Feedabck

Sheldon & Alvin

Question: What Causes Global Warming

Was Their Info Useful My Opinion: I Think
They Did Well But 1 Of Them Was Being Silly
But They Werent Owning Up to it but they did
well apart from that but yes they should read
their information before sharing it.
Their Opinion:
They think that some of their info was useful
but not most of it because they didn't read
over it so they are still going to find out some
more info so they did quite well.

When You Put An information source
instead of copying the website copy
the exact URL of the page
I think that they were mucking around
a lot and they were being silly with wording
but they also had some good information
but maybe next time they should
read over what they have done before
they share in front of an audience

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