Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Maths Nicky and Emma How to play our game

How to play our maths game.
What you will need:
Red beads (20 of them)
Yellow beads (20 beads of them)
Blue beads (20 beads of them)
Green beads (20 beads of them)
or any other beads that you can find. And make a number with it like... 18..
And yourself brain ready to count

How to set up the game with your 80 beads mix them up randomly and try not putting them in a certain order then when your finished putting them on you are almost ready to start.
Now the numbers
Or any colours you put in make a number that you think would be good

How to start the game:
The leader puts her finger on the beads on just say yellow yellow red green then you would add them up which would because you add it up in total as I said before it has yellow=6 red=1 blue=10 green=20 so that's how I would get it. =33

Then it's first to 3 and then who every wins three times gets to have a go being the leader then when it's someone else's go and when it is there turn you have to pick it and it is really fun when you all have a go.
Hope you enjoy our game!
By Nicky and Emma

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