Wednesday, 2 May 2007

I don't want to leave this school today

Don't make me leave school today,
please! Anything but that.
I'll tidy up my great big desk,
I'll smile everyday ......

I'll do my extra homework,
(I'll sweep the leaves up too!)
But please don't make me leave this school-
They really love me too.

The kids are really nice to me,
And they are really humorous.

And when they see me feeling blue,
They always make me smile again.

I feel like I'm a part of them
Like a loving family.

So please don't make me leave this school,
I'll scream and cry then sob...
It's me Dr Doig from Fendalton School
It's the best school in New Zealand.



nickey said...

I loved your poem and I think you should create your own poems about your family or friends maybe?

nickey said...

I loved listening to your poem. I think Dr Doig will love it I think next step is to create your own original one. Don't you think?

Luc said...

hi yein i love your poem if i was dr doig i would love that poem and keep it for ever and show it to all my new work mates

pen said...

I think you're poem was really good and if you showed it to Dr Doig I'm sure she would love it.

blooby said...

great poem yein would love it if she heard it you are a great poet
great work

blobby said...

great poem yein dr doig would love it if she heard it you are a good poet
(the other blooby has a mistake)

christie said...

Hi Yein, I realy like your poem I think fendalton school is realy cool too!

nick said...

great poem yein if I were Dr doig then I would feel that way too!

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