Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Reflection - TV1

Today I learned that I was going to go on television, all with about five minutes warning!!!!!! This was a little scary at first because you just have to worry about things like 'did I wash the yoghurt off my shirt from lunch?' and 'what if I say something really silly and I don't make any sense whatsoever???'

Anyway, it worked out and here I am at about 3.04pm this afternoon being interviewed! You have to watch an advertisement before being able to view the actual article.

Because of this learning I've realised that sometimes it is actually quite good to be 'put on the spot' and to have to think on your feet. I wonder how often we do this as teachers to students in the classroom?

The next step in my learning is to give Team 14 opportunities to develop the sorts of skills that enable them to cope in situations like this. I wonder how many of the team saw the news?

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