Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Jason retell-three wolf and three pig

Once upon a time there were three big wolves. Their mum say, ”go away go away, there was no room for you now!” So three big wolf said “I know down there are three pigs like us we can take there houses” the first wolf went to the first house and said” little pig little pig can I come in?” the pig said “ok come in quickly” so the wolf came in its dark inside so the wolf turned on the light then he saw the pig got a rocket and then BOOM the wolf dead and the pig ate him. The second wolf went to the second house he saw the wolf dead so he said“ rocket pig rocket pig can I come in then he hold up his shield pig said” come in quicky” the wolf hold up his shield then came in then SHOOOO!! DONNNNNN! the wolf drop down a big trap hole then the pig burn him and eat him up. The third wolf saw others all dead but he still said” little pig let me come in ?” the wolf hold up his shield and looked at the ground and the pig said” ok come in quicky” the wolf went in and he saw the pig then all the pig get together hold up there sword and killed the wolf the eat them all.
Then the pigs has happy year after?

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