Monday, 25 June 2007

My Story

The 3 little chickens

Once upon a time there were 3 little chickens named Jimmy Bobby and Billy. Jimmy wanted to go live on his own so away he went, he made his house out of a soft drink bottle. A few years later Jimmy woke up and tried to get up but he was to fat, he called for help but no one heard. A few hours later Bobby went to live on his own and went past Jimmy “hi Jimmy” he said, “help me Bobby I’m stuck” so Bobby helped Jimmy and cut him out “thank you very much Bobby” said Jimmy, and they parted and went on their way. Jimmy went and lived in a hay sack while Bobby made a house in a box with hay as the flooring.

Now Billy went and made a house in a cellar. Then that night the big bad mouse stole Jimmy’s eggs and the night after Bobby’s eggs, they both told Billy to be careful and that night Billy lay wide awake trying to catch the big bad mouse, with his bear trap but the mouse did not come that night. The next night Billy lay awake again but this time this time he locked the door, windows and the trap door, and that night he heard a squeaky little voice, “let me in little chickens I am cold and hungry and I have no where to sleep, please let me in” so Billy let him in, here is a bed and blankets so Billy and the mouse went to sleep, but the mouse did not sleep he stayed awake, and got up and stole Billy’s eggs and crept out.

When Billy woke he looked up at the other bed Billy thought he had gone away for good. Then Billy checked his eggs, they were all gone it was then that Billy realized that he had shared a house with the Big Bad Mouse. That day Billy moved house. Once that was over Billy went to the market to buy some eggs and some traps, that night he lay in the bushes waiting. And sure enough that night along came the big bad mouse Billy drew in a big breath and watched a few minutes later there was squealing “let me out let me out! After a few weeks the big bad mouse had died. Soon everyone knew that Billy had killed the big bad mouse, from near and far he was known as Billy the rodent slayer. The first person to hear about Billy was his mother Doloris she came down to congradulate him.

By Matt The End

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