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Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel

Once upon a time there were two sweet little twins about age ten, one was a boy called Hansel and the other one was a girl called Gretel. They lived in a rather large cottage on the edge of Huckleberry Woods with their Dad who was a woodcutter and their step mum who just stayed at home and did jobs around their house. Their real mum died when they were just babies. Anyway, for a woodcutter, their Dad got a really good pay, $200 a day. Each day they were putting $50 in their retirement fund so really they had $150 to spend a day.

One day at about 8 in the morning, Hansel and Gretel went out to pick some berries for dessert. They picked strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, huckleberies, blackberries and even a smoreberry or two.

They had been picking for about an hour when they suddenly noticed they were lost. They didn’t have a clue where they were, the only thing they knew was that they were in the middle of the woods somewhere. So surprisingly they just carried on picking berries, but what they didn’t know was that all the time they had been picking berries, some had been falling out of their basket because there was a hole in the bottom, just big enough for a berry to fall out of.

They were still picking but they had been gone for 2 hours now, they were exhausted. They sat down and ate some berries and drank the last of their water.
“I’m so thirsty,”said Hansel getting to his feet.
“Me to,”said Gretel “But we’ve got to keep our hopes up. Our only hope is to either find a well or find our way home,”
“Like that’s going to happen,” said Hansel, not in the best of moods.

So Gretel got up and they started to walk again. They had been walking for about ten minutes when they couldn’t believe their eyes. About 50 metres away was a well so they started running, no not running, they started sprinting, it seemed like they had been sprinting for ages when they got there. They started to lower the bucket down, they were trying to go fast but it was kind of hard to. It took them about half a minute and they were now lifting the bucket up, this was the moment they had been waiting for. They lifted the bucket off the hook and each had a big drink.
“ Did that quench your thirst?” Said a voice behind them. Hansel thinking it was Gretel said, “Oh man of course it did.”
“What are you doing stealing from my well?”said the voice behind them again.

Hansel and Gretel turned around and standing behind them was the
Evil Elf of the West. They had heard of the Evil Elf of the West before but they never believed in him but that was in the past, now they definitley believed in him now that they’d seen him. The Evil Elf (in other words Lenny) said “I’ve changed now and I can control myself now.” Hansel and Gretel were really easy to persuade so they bought it in, not knowing that he had his fingers crossed behind his back.

So after that Lenny invited Hansel and Gretel over for lunch. It was only a short walk because they were by his well, which was in his property. When they got to his house Hansel and Gretel couldn’t believe their eyes. Right in front of them was a 3 storey house made of lollies, cake, candy canes, biscuits and lots of sugary food like that.
“Is that real?” Said Gretel “ The food on the house,”
“Of course!” Said Lenny “You can have some if you want,”
So they grabbed a bit of the fence each and took a bite “Mmmmmm my favourite,”
said Hansel with his mouth full, “Raspberry slice.”
They turned around to get some more and the bit they snapped off had grown back “WOW” said Gretel “ This isn’t possible. That fence just grew back,”
“I know, it’s great ay,” said Lenny, grabbing a bit off himself. “ We shouldn’t be eating this before lunch though but you can have as much as you want after lunch.”
“Yeah” said Hansel. They went inside and Lenny gave them takeaways for lunch. “This couldn’t get better,” said Gretel.
“ I know” said Hansel.
Lenny was getting impatient of pretending to be nice, because has saw Hansel and Gretel as two giant chickens just sitting there waiting to be eaten.
“So” Lenny said, “Why don’t you go outside now and have some of the house.”
So of course they couldn’t refuse that offer and they went outside.

Yes thought Lenny finally time alone to plan tonight’s feast “Hmmm should I fry them, bake them or should I turn them into a pie.” He thought for a while and in the end he decided to turn them into a tasty human pie. He went and got his cookbook and tried to find a recipe.

While he was doing this Hansel and Gretel were terrified. They had heard absolutely everything Lenny had said, for was talking to him self. “Should we run away?” said Hansel.
“ No I’ve got a better idea,”said Gretel tying her shoelace. “Follow me.”
Bravely they sneaked inside. While Lenny was making the pastry they went up stairs and hid in a cupboard. They were waiting for Lenny to come up so they waited and they waited and they waited. It was about half an hour before he came up because he was looking for his apron, which Gretel had hid. Gretel counted to 3 “1….2….3….”
They both jumped out at the same time and tied up Lenny's hands and feet with a rope they had made with their shoelaces.
“What do we do now.”said Hansel anxiously.
“You’ll see.” Replied Gretel. So they went down stairs carrying Lenny by the hands and feet “Now this is when the fun begins.”

Lenny was making so much noise screaming and shouting that Hansel got one of his smelly socks and stuffed it in his mouth “That should do the trick.” He said with a smile on his face. While Hansel was doing this Gretel was starting to read the recipe HUMAN PIE except it wasn’t going to be human pie it was Lenny pie. She took the pastry that Lenny had made for the human pie and started shaping it so that it actually looked like a pie. Once she had done that Hansel and Gretel lifted up Lenny by the hands and the feet and dumped him in the pie and popped the lid on top. They set the oven onto 250 degrees and shoved the pie in. They waited for about 15 minutes and the pie was ready.

Together they decided to try and find their way home and leave Lenny in the oven. First they had to get some food and water so they didn’t starve, they got 10 pieces of lollycake each and they filled up their drink bottles. “Now where do we go?”
said Hansel
“I think we should go to the well first and find our way from there,” answered Gretel.

Off they went to the well talking about if they’ll see their parents again. When they got there they discovered the trail of berries that they had been dropping out of the basket but they didn’t know that they were their berries. “What are all those berries doing on the ground?” said Hansel.
“Hey is that the smoreberry we picked that looked like a snowman?”said Gretel
“Yes it is.”said Hansel “How could this day get any better, first we find a house made of lollies then we get takeaways for lunch and now we are going to find our way home.”
“Well what are we waiting for let’s go” said Gretel.
They set of and in about an hour they were there “MUM!”said Gretel.
“DAD!” said Hansel. They were so relieved to be home with their parents it was 3:00 now and they had been gone for 8 hours “Where did you go?” said their dad I was worried about you. So they told him the whole story and of course they didn’t believe him so they took their parents to the lolly house and showed them the trail of berries. “Wow I really didn’t believe you, the whole thing,” said their Dad with a really surprised look on his face.
“Hey Dad,” said Gretel “Can we live in this house since nobody is living in here and the house is much closer to your work? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.” begging like she is going to die.
“Ummmmm we’ll think about it together tonight,”said their step mum.

So they got home and together their Mum and Dad Decided that they would move in and sell their old house because there is a well near by and if the kids want a treat they just have to go outside.

It was the day after they had moved in and all was going well they had buried the pie and their Dad was never late to work again and they lived happily ever after, except Lenny, who ended up going to hell.

By Bertie

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