Tuesday, 19 June 2007

jun's retell


By Jun An, Team 14 June 2007 I’m so cool

Once there was Hansel who was really kind and Gretel who was also really kind. They lived happily until their wicked, bad stepfather came. One day the step father was smoking and The food store got burned down and they had run out of food. The wicked bad stepfather said, to the mother “We will have to get Hansel and Gretel killed because we are out of food!!”

The next day Hansel and Gretel went into the woods and got lost!! Soon it was night. Then they saw a house made out of candy. They started to eat the candy house and then an old lady came out of the house. The old lady said, “How dare you eat up my house!!!”
Hansel and Gretel said, “Sorry.” The old lady said, “Now that you ate my house you must pay! Let’s see, you guys ate this, this and this. That costs $50. Ha, ha, ha, my candy is selling well today.”

Hansel and Gretel replied, “If you make a car out of candy I will give you $10.” The old lady thought that this was a bargain and made a car out of candy. Hansel and Gretel accidentally crashed into the old lady and she died! They rode the candy car and drove home and crashed into the wicked bad stepfather and he also died. Their mother said, “I’m sorry Hansel and Gretel.” Hansel and Gretel lived happily ever with their mother for the rest of their lives.

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