Thursday, 28 June 2007

Rumpelstiskin The Real Rumpelstilskin

“In Rumpelstilskin (not the real Rumpelstilskin) I (Rumpelstilskin) was an evil little gnome like thing who was going to take the baby and eat it. Ew no I am a strict vegetarian. Well before I tell you all this I better tell you the story from the beginning.”

“The first part of the story is true but the miller was a horrible person who treated his beautiful daughter like a slave. She could not sew or do many chores that women do and it wasn’t her fault either because no one had taught her. One day the miller put his daughter up on the roof with a spinning wheel and thread for punishment to show people how lousy his daughter was. Then by chance the king came and saw the millers daughter on the roof, the king asked what she was doing on the roof but before she could answer the miller stepped in and lied she was spinning the thatched roof into golden one and well the kings guard was a greedy fellow who was good at persuading people like the miller. From the instant they met eyes they knew they could do a lot of stuff together so the were kind of in the plot together. Well anyhow back to the story. The guard said to the king that he would be twice no I mean five times than any king in the world and the king thought about it owning the whole wide world that would be a great privilege (not that the king was a mean person he was really kind and the millers daughter (whose name is Millie) saw that) so the king agreed and took Millie back to his palace he then put her in a room full of straw and told her if she doesn’t spin all this straw she would be killed and he left and now poor Millie who didn’t know how to spin started to sob for all that she cared she was going to die the next day. That’s when I made my miraculous appearance and I told her that I will spin it for her if she promised to give me something so she gave me her necklace now I didn’t want a necklace so I gave it to the poor. Well the next morning the king woke early and went to check her and what the king saw was a room full of real gold thread that I spun and straight after breakfast the same guard from yesterday suggested to the king that he should put Millie in another bigger room full of straw and spin that into gold to and well that’s what he did and said that if she doesn’t spin it by morning her head will be chopped off. That horrible guard so again Millie started to sob again so I appeared and told her I will spin for her if she gave me something and this time she gave me a ring again I didn’t want a necklace so I gave it to the poor. And in the morning the king came to check early again but this time the guard had already made Millie eat breakfast and had put her in a bigger room full of straw but the king didn’t know this so when he found her he said that if she spun all the straw in to gold he will marry her now Millie was praying that I would come and help her and well I did come but I said to her you will have to give me your baby and she agreed so I spun again and it was a wee while till I met her again and I told her to give me her son but she just screamed and the king came with heaps of his guards and I was scared out of my skin but I kept my cool and calmly explained the promise between Millie and me then Millie started to remember she then told her husband that she couldn’t really spin at all and so the king made a smart move he arrested the miller and his not so royal guard.
And we all lived happily ever after including me!

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