Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Red riding hood stuff up

Once upon a time there lived a granny she was so sweet and cuddly, she heard crying and yowling ‘OOO’ she came to have a someone look, inside the house there was a cuddly wolf, she had blood coming out of her ear then she Though her out of the house. Granny was feeling very tired and hoped inside the bed meanwhile the little wolfs father came to give her a visit but instead she found an old granny in the wolfs bed Humans!!!!!! Humans!!!!!!!! The wolf said I don’t know you so get out!!!!!! She said the wolf roared at her, down the road red riding hoods came back for holiday in France she heard the roar and took a motorbike from the shop down the road and went off to save her granny. In 10 to 15 min she came, she hoped of her motorbike and pulled a knife from her nickers and killed the wolf.

Granny and little red riding hood lived haply ever after.

The End

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