Sunday, 23 September 2007

HAY GUYS!!!!!!

Did you forget me?

I hope you didn't!!!!

It's been soooo busy around here. I had to go to school because Mum said that I'll get lazzzzzzzzy if I didnt go to school. And she was right; I was lazy the first couple of weeks when I didn't go to school. School's fun, we have scedules, and some kids have different scedules than others. My scedule is......


first and second period (social studies and language arts) in room 801,
Break (Morning tea)
third and forth period (Maths and science) in room 804,
fifth period (P.E) in room 711 (Girls locker room for changing)
And three minutes to get to.....
sixth period (Art) in room 312


first period
third period
fifth period
(every period 2 hours)


second period
forth period
sixth period
(every period 2 hours)

School finishes at 3:15,
we have to carry all our books and material because we change classes through out the day and.......

we get homework everyday!!!!!

Boy you guys are lucky to be staying in New zealand.
New zealand is wayyyyyyyyyyy better than Murriata(the place I live).

P.S The weather here is weired! One day it was boiling hot, but the next day it rains and it's freezing cold.
Plus they say F in stead of c for temperature.


Rob Clarke said...

How could we possibly forget you!!!!


LC KLC said...
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LC KLC said...

Hey Yein,
it's Elsie I wanted to tell you that Rob has the results for your icas english exams do you want us to e-mail them to you?
Anyway hows america HOW ARE YOU! I want to hear all about it e-mail me on first class

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