Thursday, 13 September 2007

JUN,samuel daniel

Why does cow fart slash methane??

why does people keep making coal mines??

why does people throw out rubbish??

I finish the webquest and I think it was very hard and I don't know name about Green House Gases but I don't know what it is. And the Animals die that was not very good

Sam and I were making the poster for our global warming that what we do in everyday life puts greenhouse gas into the air (Watch TV playing a video game). The population of the world getting bigger is also a big problem for the environment because the more people there are the more green house gas goes into the air. Lack of power is a big problem as well because we need more electro city we will need to build lots of power plants the makes the environment dirty. The cars that make green house gas is a big sound problem. There is a good website called electro city and it is a city that you can be the builder and play and worry about the environment and power
My wonderings are these things How other ways can we make electro city such as power from cold things like ice and melting it to make enrgy.
What will happen by 7001 
and other future things.


-What will happen in the future if we don't care about the environment now??
-What are the causes of pollution? Or is there?
-What is the cause of asthma and what can it do to you??
-How could we stop making methane gas??
-What country makes most C02? (Compare differnt countries production of CO2)

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